How do I sync my Android Phone with iTunes? (Simple and Free Solution!)

  1. Before you start, consider upgrading the mini SD card in your Android to 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB, although not mandatory.

  2. Attach the USB cable from PC to phone.

  3. Mount the SD card on Windows XP.  Your phones manual will explain how to do this.

  4. Start iTunes.  This approach assumes that your music is already in iTUNEs.

  5. Click on “Music” under “LIBRARY”.

  6. Click on the “View” menu to change to View “As List”.  “View.As List”)

  7. Click  “Edit” and “Select all” to select all songs in iTUNEs.  “Edit.Select All”.

  8. Click  “Edit” and “Copy” to copy all songs in iTUNEs.  “Edit.Copy”

  9. Browse to SD card  with “My Computer”.  Create a folder named “Music” on the root of SD card if a “Music” folder is not there already.

  10. Click “Edit” and “Paste” into the “Music” directory on the SD card.  The copy may take a long time.

  11. Once the copy is complete, your phone may be very slow for several minutes or longer while the songs are indexed on the phone.

  12. Start your Android media player and all of your artists, albums, & songs will now appear.

    The benefits of this approach is that you don’t need to purchase or download any software!

    Tested configuration:  HTC hero version 1.56 (should work with other Android phones), Itunes 9.0.2, and Windows XP SP3.

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